Aquaculture Expert Working Group


Ambassador representing the Steering Board

Bill DiMento, High Liner Foods

Consultant supporting the Expert Working Group

Matthew Thompson, New England Aquarium



Ally Dingwall


Anton Immink

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

Catarina Martins

Marine Harvest

Gregg Small

Rubicon Resources

Lee Cocker

Seafish, UK

Matthew Thompson

New England Aquarium

Peter Bridson

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Piers Hart


Rohana Subasinghe

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


Requirements for GSSI Aquaculture EWG members

Experts for the Aquaculture EWG will require direct experience in aquaculture through one or more of the following practical experiences: education, research, regulatory, production, and/or product development. Additional direct experiences in the development, implementation and monitoring of (eco-)certification programs will be an advantage.