Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Certification

On 4 October, 2017,  the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative provided formal recognition of the two-star Best Aquaculture Practices Certification (BAP) for the scope of Aquaculture.

GSSI’s recognition shows that the Best Aquaculture Practices certification, for their Salmon Farms (Issue 2, Revision 3, October 2016), and Finfish and Crustacean Farms (Issue 2.4, 23 May 2017) standards, is in alignment with all applicable Essential Components of the GSSI Global Benchmark Tool (version 1.0, 8 October 2015). 

Have a look at our factsheet to learn more about the benchmark process.

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Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)

Scheme owner

Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA)

Date of recognition

4 October, 2017 Read the news release

Scope of recognition

Aquaculture Certification

(Aquaculture Facility Certification for Salmon Farms (Issue 2, Revision 3, October 2016) and Finfish and Crustacean Farms (Issue 2.4, 23 May 2017)

In alignment with Sections

A- Governance

B- Operational Management (including chain of custody)

C- Aquaculture Certification Standard (Salmon Farms and Finfish and Crustacean Farms)

Benchmark Report

GSSI Benchmark Report for the GAA BAP Certification

Download the PDF report

Steering Board Liaison

Ron Rogness

Independent Experts

Julie Dearman (until March 2017)

Aimee Russillo (Sections A, B)

John Hargreaves (Section C)

Benchmark Committee Members


Kevin Swoffer

Nigel Peacock

Linh Nguyen

Belinda Yaxley

Gregg Small

Public Consultation

23 June- 23 July 2017

Public comments and GSSI responses:

New England Aquarium