Public Consultation: Benchmark Report for GAA BAP


On 23 June GSSI launched a 30-day public consultation on the GSSI Benchmark Report for the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Certification, owned by the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA).

GAA applied for GSSI recognition of its BAP Certification for the scope of its Finfish & Crustacean Farms and Salmon Farms standards and has been benchmarked against the GSSI Global Benchmark Tool on:

  • Section A (Governance),
  • Section B (Operational Management),
  • and Section C (Aquaculture - Finfish & Crustacean Farms and Salmon Farms standards).

The public consultation closed on 23 July, and GSSI says thank you to all stakeholders for their active particiatpation. 

The Benchmark Committee, together with the Indepedent Experts and GAA will now review and address all comments that were received. GSSI's Benchmark Committee will then provide the Steering Board with a final reocmmendation on recongition. All comments and responses will be made publicaly available after the GSSI Steering Board's final decision on recognition. 

For more Information on the Benchmark Process have a look at our factsheet.  

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