GSSI Vision                                                                  

More sustainable seafood for everyone. 

GSSI Mission                                                                  

The mission of GSSI is to ensure confidence in the supply and promotion of certified seafood as well as to promote improvement in the seafood certification schemes.

GSSI Objectives

GSSI's objectives are to:

  • provide an international multistakeholder platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange in seafood sustainability.
  • develop an internationally agreed set of requirements and indicators to measure and compare the performance of seafood certification schemes, in order to facilitate their implementation and use.
  • build, operate and maintain a common, consistent and global benchmark tool for seafood certification schemes.
  • reduce cost by eliminating redundancy and improving operational efficiency of seafood certification schemes thereby increasing affordability and flexibility within the supply chain.


  • Drive change towards sustainability through a multi-stakeholder process.
  • Deliver recognition of seafood certification schemes aligned with the FAO Guidelines.
  • Increase comparability and transparency in seafood certification.
  • Enable informed choice for procurement of certified seafood.

GSSI Does Not

  • Undertake any accreditation or certification.
  • Develop or own any standards.
  • Rank certification schemes.
  • Define sustainable or responsible seafood.
  • Permit any consumer facing labelling about its recognition.
  • Make policy for any business or scheme.

Social Issues

GSSI is currently focused on environmental issues. GSSI partners recognize the importance of social issues and the work of global organizations in this area. Going forward GSSI is committed to exploring how social issues may be addressed in the seafood supply chain.