GSSI Vision                                                                  

More sustainable seafood for everyone. 

GSSI Mission                                                                  

The mission of GSSI is to ensure confidence in the supply and promotion of certified seafood as well as to promote improvement in the seafood certification schemes.

GSSI Objectives

  • Provide an international, multi-stakeholder platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange working towards more sustainable seafood. 

  • Operate the Global Benchmark Tool to deliver clarity, credibility and choice in certified seafood by benchmarking schemes against the UN FAO Guidelines* and ensure confidence in the procurement of certified seafood.

  • Promote improvement in seafood certification schemes 

  • Reduce costs by eliminating redundancy and duplication of certification processes.

  • Tackle the violation of labour rights together with the Consumer Goods Forum’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative by creating a benchmark and recognition tool for social compliance certification schemes.

  • Address Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing (IUU) with the FAO by promoting the uptake and implementation of relevant FAO instruments and guidelines (by public and private sector).

GSSI Does Not

  • Undertake any accreditation or certification.
  • Develop or own any standards or schemes.
  • Rank certification schemes.
  • Define sustainable or responsible seafood.
  • Permit any consumer facing labelling about its recognition.
  • Make policy for any business or scheme.